I can recall making the decision of a 10 hour layover in Stockholm. It was the middle of the winter early in 2016. I passed the immigration checkpoint and walked outside to get my luggage. Lockers were not working so I left my luggage with a man at a service desk. I grew the balls to walk outside to take the subway and get dropped off at Central Station. Just 2 days ago I was admiring the beauty of New York’s Central Station and when I saw the one in Stockholm I did not feel the same melancholy. Maybe because not so many movies have been filmed there. As I walked outside I admired the glacier cold streets of Stockholm, and its cold people who seemed not to be cold at all. I was freezing but kept walking. It was about 3 pm and I was close to Gamla Stan (Old Town). There is something magical about ancient towns, they drawn me in. I walked towards the old city and everywhere I looked I could see the old majestic Scandinavian buildings that characterize Sweden. What a beautiful place ! The day was extinguishing fast and by 4pm it was considerably darker. I was getting worried It would be too dark by the time I get to the Royal Palace. And it got darker. I was not able to shoot a good photo of the Palace with my dying IPhone. On my way back I walked by the Nobel Museum that was by a small plaza. I wandered around inside and there were a group of people very well dressed sitting on white cloth covered chairs all the way in the back of the museum. It looked like they were having a reception and everyone looked elegant and happy. ‘A group of the elite intellectuals of Stockholm’- I thought. I walked outside the museum and suddenly on my right side I saw a group of peculiar buildings, of different colors and they reminded me of a magnet I saw 2 days ago on the fridge of my beloved friend Sofy in New York. I went inside one of them and had dinner. An inexpressive lady was inside welcoming me with words but the facial expressions of her face were missing. I always heard that Northern people are cold, but I never thought I could feel it even inside a warmer place. I had an amazing hearty dinner and then walked back to Central Station in the dark, surrounded by glacier rivers and snowed buildings. Once back in the Airport, I got my luggage from the man at the front desk and walked to a lounge where I fell asleep on a couch, surrounded by 20 other travelers that were doing the same. My next flight was at 3 am and it was just 10pm. Adventure awaits.


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